Service Sector Growth Surges in March 2018

India’s Service Sector Growth Surges Rapidly in March 2018 – Qbera Loans


According to Nikkei India, the service sector firms increased their hiring levels at the fastest strides since June 2011. The growth came after the companies had raised their business sentiment at highest levels and they were supported by a huge influx of new work.

The Nikkei India Services Business Index increased to 50.3 in March from the declined mark of 47.8 in Feb 2018. This indicated that since there was a downfall in business activities recorded in Feb 2018, it stabilized at the end of FY18.

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The companies which increased their recruitments mentioned the rising demand of employment in the market as the reason for this surge. Whereas the firms which reduced their staffing levels lay it on acute competition. According to the March data, a new upswing was also observed in new businesses that developed in the Indian services sector. These new clients secured it on the basis of complimentary offers and raised marketing initiatives.

Regarding the prices, in the service sector, the input cost inflation was marked overall, despite the fact that it had weakened from the recent surge in February.


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